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Enjoy a fun and interactive learning process, while you cloud up on your cloud journey

Ever wanted to compete with people and test your skills?

Battles are friendly matches you play with your competitors on the game. Here, Your goal is to prove that you are better and earn the rewarded trophies. If you lose, you have a fair enough loss as well. The competition is not only won with your knowledge but also proficiency against the race of time. The risk is on! Collecting more trophies help you to stay on the top of the leaderboard. Prove you are the BEST. Cloud up and launch yourself to greater heights.

Climb up the League Ladder and be the best Cloud Warrior !!

Battle people around the Globe to see where your skills stand and climb your way up in leagues to become the best player in the world! Keep climbing higher ranks to continue advancing higher leagues. As you gain and lose skill rating, by winning and losing games in the Battle, you will move up and down in leagues and your seasonal reward will get better and better the higher your league is. Each League Season lasts for one week. Cloud up and start battling!

Get on top of the LeaderBoard !!

A Global LeaderBoard is Maintained for all the users. Make your way to the top of LeaderBoard and be the best in Cloud Battles. Recognized as a skill and achievement to brag about. Battle and find yourself climbing the ladder to be at the top.



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